My Husband Ralph had the laser treatment done a few months ago. He was quite a heavy smoker for at least 55years, 2pks a day. He tried everything available and I’ve got to say, this has definitely worked for Him. He has not had a cigarette since He’s had the treatment a few months ago. He thinks it’s a “miracle” and as a matter of fact, His pulmonologist asked Him for the name of His treatment center today.


Margot E. C.

I have been a patient of Dr. Bourne since Feb. 2010. I will never forget the initial visit with her. I called Dr. Bourne’s office because I was suffering from migraine headaches and lower back pain. The headaches were so severe that it was interfering with my life & the lower back pain was causing difficulty in walking. I was living on a prescription for the Migraines and 8 Hour Tylenol for the back pain. Dr. Bourne did a complete evaluation and set me up on a treatment plan. Within two weeks my headaches were relieved and my lower back was much better. There are not enough words to be said for how THANKFUL I am for your services & care you have given me.


My neck isn’t as stiff anymore and isn’t as uncomfortable when I’m lying down to sleep at night. My headaches are almost all gone. I was at least good for several a month – all minor. My sinuses feel more open, again leading to the decrease in headaches. And all of this from two adjustments. I couldn’t believe it. Coincidence? Maybe. But I can’t imagine that these symptoms would disappear all on their own, especially since I’d had them for years. I honestly believe it is a result of chiropractic intervention, an intervention I didn’t know I needed but am glad I tried. I just wish I had lost my virginity sooner.

Nicole van Esselstyn

Hello it’s me Nicole, your deaf patient. Do you remember me? I had an awful painful in my wrist and asked for a massage. I wanted to say thank you for saving my life. For some reason, …I drove to your office from Philadelphia. My wrist is getting better but needs physical therapy a little more. I just moved to Colorado and I wish I could be able to see you because you were really great and in network. You are healer. God Bless.

Nicole Selvaggi

I am so grateful for the day that I was introduced to Dr. Sherin Bourne. I have had excruciating neck pain for so long, that I had learned to just live with it. My pain was at a 10, but after about 4 weeks of treatments with Dr Sherin, I was down to a 4 and continue to notice that the pain is diminishing with each and every treatment. Dr. Sherin has made a HUGE difference in my life and I would without hesitation recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Chiropractor that will actually help you! God Bless you Dr. Sherin!
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Lori Dabkowski

I’ve been a migraine sufferer since I was twelve. I’ve tried all methods of treatment, from acupuncture to meditation to elimination diets to exercise routines. I’ve tried so many different medications I couldn’t list them all. My husband finally convinced me to try seeing a chiropractor, and I’m so happy I finally listened. Dr. Sherin has managed to successfully minimize the frequency of my migraines from several per week to only one or two per month. Much of my pain came from badly pinched nerves in my neck and upper back. Seeing her regularly has dramatically changed the quality of my life! Thank you, Dr. Sherin!

Kristen Nordmeyer

Sherin, for the first time I can remember, I got a great nights sleep! There was no back discomfort in the morning. I could get up without pain. I didn’t even realize how uncomfortable things had gotten.

See you Monday!


As a CPA i am constantly sitting down, often for 10 hours at a time, in meetings and seminars, working with clients. In november 2011 my back and hip had gotten to the point i could not stand up straight, nor could i sit in the car for more than 5 minutes without burning from my hip to my knee. My current chiropractor was mis diagnosing the issue at hand and it was months of constant pain. Once a client recommended Sherin i figured i had nothing to lose, and one visit with Sherin and the pain was starting to subside, within a week it was almost gone. Sherin cares about each one of her patients, and does all she can to get you to where you need to be – and for me that’s mobile, and pain free.